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Eco-Friendly Packaging

All the materials I use to package my artwork are environmentally-friendly and can be either recycled or composted. I have sourced materials from a variety of UK based suppliers to create packaging that not only protects the artwork effectively, but also protects the planet. 

Postal/Gift Boxes

I use luxury, laminated white gift boxes to store your artwork in, which not only look elegant but are also 100% recyclable. I then package these in a standard cardboard box so your artwork is protected whilst in transit.

Paper Parcel Tape

To add further protection, I use plastic-free kraft paper 'Fragile' tape to wrap around your package. This is recyclable so you don't need to worry about spending time separating materials.

Tissue Paper

The shredded tissue paper inside the postal box, as well as the patterned tissue paper wrapped around your artwork, are compostable. 


All artwork comes in a cellophane polypropylene bag which is acid-free and resealable so you can reuse them. These are also  recyclable.


The ribbon I use is made in an energy efficient factory in order for the manufacturers to reduce the carbon footprint, and is made from wood pulp cellulose making it far more environmentally friendly than other ribbons. It is both recyclable and biodegradable. 

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